Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding was Kept Secret and It Shocked Everyone

No one even knew about Jennifer Aniston’s wedding with husband Justin Theroux. They have managed to keep the celebration low key. They didn’t even tell their friends that they were getting married. Attendees thought it was a birthday celebration for Justin. Since then, the couple remained really happy with each other as evident in their public appearances. Jennifer surely deserved a man like Justin.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston are definitely a happy couple. They might have been through a lot in their past relationships, but they have finally found love in each other’s arms.

It might not be easy to find their wedding photos around the Internet as the two decided to secretly tie the knot. There were only a handful of guests during the solemn event and their phones were confiscated!

The couple first met in 2007, but did not hit it off. It was in 2010 when they have finally taken their relationship to the next level.

We all remember how Jen’s first wedding ended. It was one of the most high profile celebrity divorces ever. Unfortunately for Brad Pitt, he also ended up divorcing the other girl, Angelina Jolie.

Jennifer has played several bride or bridesmaid roles in films. It was a dream come true when she finally became the bride in real life.

It is totally sweet of Justin to have publicly defended Jennifer from everyone who kept bashing her. He has come to her defense quite a few times.

Their wedding was officiated by their friend, Jimmy Kimmel, in front of less than 100 guests. At first, they thought it was a celebration of Justin’s birthday.

After her painful break up with Brad Pitt, Jen became the poster girl for single women around the world. She even ended up dating many other celebrities since then up until she found her true love.

Say whatever you want to Jen as an actress, but you can never question her in terms of her undying love for her husband. They have been through a lot, and they remain strong.

Jennifer surprised everyone when she announced that she has already gotten married. Unlike her first, she decided to keep it low key this time around.