Tanisha Thomas’ Weight Loss was Really Quick and Stunning

People were shocked when Bad Girls Club reality star Tanisha Tomas revealed she lost 12 pounds in just a week. It was inspiring in a sense that she managed to get through that body shape in a very small amount of time. Despite Tanisha Thomas’ weight loss, her personality remains big. She is also funny as ever. This is why she still retains her huge following.

Tanisha Thomas is a reality TV star who appeared in Bad Girls Club. She definitely has a bigger than life personality.

People were surprised when she revealed that she lost 12 pounds in just one week. Her more recent photos suggest that she definitely changed.

According to her, the key to weight loss is being motivated and staying disciplined. She encourages people to also have a clear path to fitness.

She is currently hosting a show called Crazy Talk. She said that in order to look great for the role, she worked hard to lose weight.

Although people were amazed at her transformation, she revealed that it wasn’t really that difficult for her as she was totally focused in achieving her goals.


Losing 12 pounds in 1 week is not the only achievement she had done in that amount of time. She also got divorced after just a week of marriage.

Tanisha is determined to continue with her weight loss plan. She has gradually changed her lifestyle and become more conscious of what she eats.

Although she had been dating her former husband since 2005, when they got married in 2011, it only took a week for them to call it quits.

Some people accused Tanisha of just using her then husband for a reality show. She said that Clive was really camera shy, but he was still forced to catch up with her reality show appearances.

Tanisha may have lost weight recently, but she surely didn’t lose her fiery personality. She is still larger than life as usual.