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Having peace of mind is priceless. However, even if something is not bothering you, you can literally hear some noises in your head. Such condition is called tinnitus. It is not a psychiatric condition or a result of your imagination. You just hear a buzzing or ringing sound that can last as long as 24 hours. The causes may vary from exposure to noise to the use of drugs, or stress and head injuries.

What if you are offered a solution to this annoying problem? A thorough study has been made about this persistent problem, and one of the greatest revelations is that it is a virus and symptom of a more serious illness. The good news is that a solution has also been formulated to treat it, with a bonus of improving your brain’s overall health.

What is Quiet Mind Plus?

Quiet Mind Plus is the name of the solution to tinnitus and other brain related conditions. It is a dietary supplement that works by turning off the annoying sound you hear when you have tinnitus. By having this product, you no longer have to undergo surgery or sound therapy. It is safe and clinically proven, so you can use it without the worry.

Is Quiet Mind Plus a Scam?

Quiet Mind Plus is absolutely a legit product that has been tested and tried by many people. It is a product of intensive lab testing and is proven to be 100% safe and effective to use by people of any age. It helps the damaged networks of your brain to quickly fight tinnitus and it is a risk-free investment.

Quiet Mind Plus Review

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How Does Quiet Mind Plus Work?

The secret ingredients found at Quiet Mind Plus were combined to work wonders for people suffering from tinnitus. It was based from top secret medical research, with the following as the step-by-step explanation on how it works.

  1. 1. Repairing the brain networks, clearing your hearing and calming down your nervous system. Tinnitus can be very bothersome. Quiet Mind Plus works first by working on the ringing sound in your ear. The ingredients that are responsible for this are the hawthorn berry and hibiscus. On the first days of use, you can notice that the sound decreases. It happens since the two repairs the buzzing brain networks and cool down the nervous system.
  2. 2. Quiet mind is regained while brain networks are being strengthened. The ingredient at work here is the olive leaves that strengthen the brain networks and protect it against stroke. Olive leaves also show to protect the ears from infections.
  3. Stronger memory and repair of damaged brain cells. Quiet Mind Plus is also good for the memory. The niacin found in it repairs the DNA. The broken networks of the brain affect the connection of brain cells, leading to memory loss. Niacin can repair years of damage and after 10 days of use, even those with Alzheimer’s can regain their memory and exhibit significant improvements. In this phase, you can also enjoy a good night’s sleep and less fatigue.
  4. Supercharged brain and cell regeneration. On the second to the last phase, you can already have a supercharged brain. The vitamins and buchu leaves found in the supplement work like steroids that stop the brain from getting small. You can enjoy faster, better and clearer thinking.
  5. Freedom from tinnitus and better brain health. The supplement does not just treat your tinnitus. It also works to protect you from having it again. You also become free from memory loss and other brain conditions. Old age would be more enjoyable and meaningful.

 Quiet Mind Plus- Gregory Peters

Gregory Peters is a 56-year old medical librarian from Stanford, California. He himself suffered from the paralyzing noise of tinnitus. This led him to find a solution to this condition. Since he worked at a US medical school, he used his connections to collaborate with a top notch ear specialist, Dr. Steven Campbell. Together, they formulated what seems to be a medical breakthrough.

Quiet Mind Plus Ingredients

Hawthorn: Hawthorne is a flowering shrub that is part of the rose family. It came from northern Europe but it now grows anywhere in the world. The spiny plant has red berry-like fruit that has culinary and medicinal and culinary use. This is used in traditional medicine as antioxidant and treatment for various chest pains. It is used in this supplement to help fix damaged brain cells.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is a flowering plant from the mallow family and is native to tropical regions. Aside from its landscaping use, it is also well known as folk medicine. When combined with hawthorn berry, the duo is the one that lowers down the sound of tinnitus.

Olive leaves: Olive leaves have been used medicinally in various places even in earlier times. The leaf and the leaf extracts have anti-aging, antioxidant, blood sugar regulating, immunostimulator, cardio-protective, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. In this supplement, it acts as a guardian protecting the brain from stroke and the ear from infections.

B3 or Niacin: This organic compound is an essential human nutrient that makes up the vitamin B3 complex. It treats high blood cholesterol, but in this supplement, it repairs years of damage in the brain networks, improving thinking and behaviour.

Garlic: This species is known as important food flavouring and is also used in traditional medicine. When combined with the natural ingredients of Quiet Mind Plus, it also boosts memory and fights dementia.

Vitamin B6, B12 and Buchu Leaves: A part of the vitamin B group, it is also an essential nutrient in the body. It is necessary for amino acid, glucose and lipid metabolism; as well as gene expression and haemoglobin synthesis. Vitamin B12 plays a major role in the smooth functioning of the brain and nervous system. Buchu is considered a miracle herb in South Africa. These three ingredients work like steroids that prevent diminution of the brain.

Green tea, uva ursi, juniper berry and vitamin C: These ingredients protect the brain from memory loss, tinnitus and other conditions. Juniper berry and uva ursi remove toxins, green tea increases neural connections and vitamin c protects the system.

Quiet Mind Plus Benefits

  • Healthy CNS– Quiet Mind Plus does not just treat tinnitus. It targets the overall health of our brain, making sure it is free from debilitating diseases.
  • Natural Ingredients– Since the supplement is made from natural ingredients, you can be sure it is safe to use.
  • Overall Protection- With this product, you can be protected from loss of memory, tinnitus and brain damage.

Quiet Mind Plus Side Effects

The supplement took years of extensive study and research. It is made of natural ingredients that are proven to have no side effects.

Where to Buy Quiet Mind Plus- Best Price and Discounts

Quiet Mind Plus costs $69 a bottle. Get the best price if you order from their website. If you get three bottles, you can have one for the price of $59. If you get six, you can have each for $49.

Quiet Mind Plus Must Know

  • Customer service: to contact the customer service, go to
    and enter your details.
  • Refund policy: The company offers 60-day guarantee if you don’t find it effective.
  • How to get a refund? Simply email or call the company if you want a refund.
  • How to cancel order? This is a no-risk investment for you can refund the product within 60 days, so cancelling is not necessary.
  • What Dosage: it is best to take the product twice a day.
  • How long until it works? Within 10 days’ use, you can see improvements on your tinnitus. If you finish the whole bottle, you get the maximum results.
  • Where to purchase online? It is best to purchase directly from the website to get the best discounts.
  • Countries available to purchase? The product is available anywhere.
  • Does it sell on Amazon, Walmart or GNC? No, it is only available through their website.

Quiet Mind Plus Bad Reviews

Actual users only has good things to say about Quiet Mind Plus that you’ll hardly find negative reviews about it online.

Quiet Mind Plus Bonus

The supplement is available in three packages. The basic package offers a bottle of 60 capsules at $69 with free shipping. The premium package offers six bottles for the price of $294 ($49 each) plus free shipping. The standard package offers three bottles for only $177 ($59 each) and free shipping.

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