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The Smoking Rock BBQ

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Travel To Tijuana: Things To Avoid

Travel to Tijuana

Mexico is a beautiful country to visit. However,  we’re bringing you the lowdown of travel to Tijuana.

TJ (as it is more commonly known among non-Mexicans) is a city near the border. It has become a favorite destination for those who want to cross the border and see Mexico. Mexico tourism gets a lot of tourists from the areas near the border. As with all the other destinations, Tijuana has its pros and cons. For the pros: it is close to the border and there are a lot of wonderful restaurants there. Cons: TJ can become quite dangerous for travelers, especially at night.

Tijuana, Mexico is part of the Tijuana-San Diego metropolitan area. The Gold Coast is considered the municipal, cultural and commercial center of Tijuana. Over fifty million people cross the border between Tijuana and San Diego. That’s how important Tijuana is. It serves as the gateway to Mexico and the United States.

The city has a strong influence on Mexican culture. Tijuana features several cultural offerings in the form of entertainment and performance arts. In terms of art, you can find great graffiti art strewn all across the city’s walls. It is also home of Nortec music—a fusion of northern Mexican music and techno. Aside from the rich culture and the beautiful beaches, Tijuana appeals to tourists, especially the first-timers, because of its shopping options.

This article should by no means discourage you to give Tijuana a try. It’s a city with a lot of soul that can appeal to people who crave for the excitement when traveling. So we’re bringing you a list of things to avoid when in TJ:

  1. Doing a lot of walking on the streets—it’s better to take a cab to take you to your destination. Crime is a common occurrence out in the streets of Tijuana. Avoid dark alleys and empty streets when you can. If you ever need to do some walking, only do it in the daytime.
  2. Bringing a lot of cash—this is not to say that Tijuana is crawling with thieves. But petty theft still remains a rampant crime there. So just bring enough cash with you for your trip.
  3. Staying in motels and hostels—hotels in Tijuana, Mexico is relatively inexpensive. They also offer a safe haven for tourists who need to stay in the city overnight. You get a more comfortable night’s stay if you choose to stay in a hotel.
  4. Not being mindful of your things—Tijuana, like any other place, has its fair share of pickpockets. So be mindful of your stuff, especially your wallet and phone. Leave home things you don’t need and only bring the essentials.
  5. Trusting sweet-talking strangers—there are con artists in Tijuana who will offer to take you someplace. Now we’re not saying that all locals who offer you help will con you or rip you off. Just practice a little prudence when dealing with people.
  6. Drinking from the tap if you can—buy a bottled water; it’s much safer. Your stomach might not be accustomed to the water in Tijuana. You don’t want to get sick when you’re traveling.
  7. Paying the first price offered—sellers and vendors know you’re a tourist and will jack the price up. Haggle and negotiate. You’ll find that they will lower their initial offering if you try negotiating with them. Remember to be nice when negotiating. Prices go down more when you’re firm but nice when negotiating.

With these tips, we hope that you will have a safe and enjoyable trip to Tijuana. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of character. There is actually a lot to do and see in Tijuana. When traveling there you need to read up on all the information you can get about the city. After reading this article, read up on guidebooks and online travel forum.

You only need to exercise caution when you travel to Tijuana. Heed these tips, and you should be fine. The dangers and risks are out there, but you can actually avoid having these bad things happen to you. Find out more about Tijuana and hopefully you’ll consider it as your next travel destination.

When Is The Best Time To Travel In Italy

best time to travel italy

If you are thinking of visiting St. Peter’s Basilica and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or see the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Michael Angelo, and Antonio Vivaldi, or experience riding a gondola, then you must go and visit Italy. However before you purchase your plane ticket or booked your hotel accommodation, you have to know when is the best time to travel to Italy.

Beautiful and Sunny Italy

Italy was part of the Roman Empire and the grandeur that was Rome. Rome was also known as the City of Seven Hills. It is part of the Old World and the cradle of the Renaissance or Rebirth after the Middle Ages in Europe. It is not only a historical place in the heart of Europe, but a rich blend of cultures, languages, interesting people, exciting places, sumptuous foods and wines.

The best time to travel in Italy would be the months of May to July or the months of September to October. Avoid visits in the month of August, because it is the peak month for travel and vacation of tourist and visitors in Europe.

What are the most beautiful and interesting destinations to see in Italy?

1.  Vatican City

best time to travel italy

This is the heart of Catholicism where the Pope resides. Not only it is the center of faith for almost 1.1 billion Catholics throughout the world but a historical place as well.

Interesting sites in the Vatican City are: St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum and the Vatican Library, the Castel Sant’Angelo and Apostolic Palace not to mention the beautiful Garden of Vatican City.

2. The Coliseum or the Flavian Amphitheatre

This is considered as the largest amphitheater during the Roman Empire and also deem as the best works of Roman architecture and engineering genius. It is located in the center of the City of Rome, Italy.

It is a circular shape amphitheater and made of concrete and stone. Wonder how many gladiators fought in this Coliseum?

3.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa

It is the bell tower of the Cathedral in the District of Tuscany, Pisa. Its architect is Bonanno Pisano. Having a height of 55.86 meters or 183.3 ft., it is made up of marble and stone materials and was completed in the year 1372.

Although the tower is leaning it is still standing, and withstands the test of time and never has a free fall. Do you wonder how The Leaning Tower of Pisa defies gravity?

4. San Gimignano

It is a village located in the Province of Siena, Tuscany, Italy and is famous for its 14 towers made of stone. San Gimignano is also known as The Town of Fine Towers.

San Gimignano is known for its fine towers set on hilltops and its circular walls forming a memorable and picturesque skyline. This is all part of its well preserve medieval architecture.

It reminds you of medieval knights and castles. It I certainly a must-see place in Tuscany, Italy.

5. Lake Como

This is part of the Italian Lake District. It is a place popular among visitors and tourists for more than 100 years. Fresh air, clean water, majestic mountain views and tempered weather are its features. You can see all the attractive villas beside the Lake Como which has been built during Roman times. A must see for lovers of nature and scenic spot.

6. Positano

A small town situated on the Amali Coast but known for its rugged hilly terrain, breathe taking coast, and scenic towns. The village becomes a very popular tourist spot and attraction with the writings of the famous author John Steinbeck who portray the place unique beauty in his writings.

7. Piazza del Campo

It is counted as among  Europe’s  greatest medieval squares. This is the main square of the famous historical center of Siena, Tuscany. The main tourist attraction is the twice a year event horse race which circle around the Piazza del Campo.

8. Santa Maria del Fiore

It is the most famous and beautiful Florence Cathedral. Completed in 1436 and designed by two famous architects namely Arnolfo di Cambio and Filippo Brunelleschi. It has a length of 153 meters or 502 feet and a height of 114.5 meters or 376 feet and made of marble and brick materials. It is the symbol of the City of Florence and is considered as having the largest brick dome ever constructed by men.

9. Canals of Venice

best time to travel italy

Venice is known as the City of Water. Its famous gondolas, and unique Italian architecture and design lining the Grand Canal propel it to high status. It has around more than 150 canals and still remains a tourist attraction with its romantic elegance and charm. Try boarding the gondola while touring the Grand Canal.

10. Pompeii

This is one of the major tourist attractions having yearly visitors of around 2.5 million people. Pompeii together with Herculaneum and other villas in the nearby areas was all destroyed and buried beneath under 4 to 6 meters or 13 to 20 feet of volcanic ash and pumice as an aftermath in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D.

When is the best time to travel in Italy will depend upon your availability and convenience. Enjoy your trip.

Catalina Island WikiTravel: A First Timer’s Guide

Here’s a Catalina Island WikiTravel guide for anyone who wants to visit the sunny Catalina Island.

Catalina Island (officially known as Santa Catalina Island) is a small island off the southern coast of California. It has become a favorite among Californians as a travel destination. They usually go to Catalina for day trips or vacations, taking advantage of the great scenery and wonderful weather. A large part of the island is a conservation land that makes it an attraction for tourists.

There are two ways to get to the island—by boat or by plane. The most popular means of transport to and from the island is by boat. The Carnival cruise line actually brings a lot of visitors to Catalina Island in the summer.

There’s plenty to do on Catalina Island for first timers. The island is small enough that you can go by foot to enjoy the many scenic spots the island offers. There are also bikes available for rent should you wish to cover more ground. For those who have trouble walking, there are golf carts that are available for rent on the island.

Below are some suggestions for things to do when in Catalina Island.

  • Catalina Island Activities

Catalina Island Activities

The Casino in Avalon beach should be at the top of the list for first timers in Catalina Island. But don’t think you can gamble is the Casino — this is not that type of place. The Casino in Catalina refers to a place where people gather (and not the gambling kind).  First timers should check out the ballroom, Movie Theater and the Catalina Island Museum.

Another must-do in Catalina is Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. The island is eco-diverse and the shores of Avalon beach are teeming with exotic fishes and corals. For those who do not know how to swim, there’s Sea Trek—which is actually a sea helmet that can enable one to submerge into the deep and discover the hidden treasures of Catalina’s undersea environment. For the non-adventurous, they can take the glass-bottom boat to appreciate the underwater life. Or they can try the semi-submarines. These custom build vessels sit submerged five feet underwater to give passengers a better view of what’s happening under the sea.

Happening Under The Sea

Other popular spots are the Catalina Island Golf Club, the Catalina Zip Line Eco Tour and the Corsario Ocean Adventure. The zip line is a thrill ride where a rider is hoisted up at heights 300ft. The speed of the zip line can go as fast as 45mph. The ocean adventure offers fishing charters to suit the needs of ocean adventurers.

  • Catalina Island Restaurant

Catalina Island Restaurant

The Sandtrap is Catalina Island’s most famous restaurant. They have offer great American and Mexican dishes for breakfast and lunch. You can also grab a few drinks while at the Sandtrap. They have the One Dollar Taco Happy Hours from 2-7pm daily. Other notable restaurants in the area are Steve’s Steakhouse with their sumptuous grilled meats; The Lobster Trap with their seafood; and Café Metropole.

  • Catalina Island Hotels

Catalina Island Hotels

The island has a lot of quality hotels to choose from. The best of the best is the Avalon Hotel with its breathtaking view of the harbor. If you wish to be close to the boat terminal, then the Pavilion Hotel is a good choice. Another great choice if you wish to indulge is the Catalina Canyon Resort and Spa, still located in Avalon. Or you can check in at the Snug Harbor Inn, The Old Turner Inn or the Inn on Mt. Ada. These places are smaller and quainter but their service is very good.

If you’re looking to minimize your spending, Catalina Island has several vacation homes for rent. These rentals are more cost effective because you get a big space (and the whole space to yourself) and they just cost around $200 a night.

We hope that this Catalina Island WikiTravel guide has been helpful. Catalina Island has her arms open for visitors, especially the first-timers. There are definitely a lot of things to do on this beautiful island off the coast of California. Visitors will find the climate as warm as the people who populate the island. Make Catalina Island your next vacation destination.